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Prefabricated modules, modular structures…


The Prefabricated Modules of CONSTRUCCIONES MODULARES CABISUAR are designed as compact independent modules or as base modules to be attached and superimposed in height, forming multiple surfaces of the base module, for any situation that needs a quick space to install offices, toilets, changing rooms, camps, clinics. etc. The standard starting dimensions of the base module are 2,412 m and lengths of 2,412 m – 4,824 m – 5,970 m.. These blocks can be manufactured and shipped as a compact assembled assembly or as a kit for assembly at a job site.

Customizable interiors, enduring exteriors


GENERAL STRUCTURE. Cabisuar Prefabricated Modules have a general structure made up of FULLY GALVANIZED  and cold-formed profiles, 2 – 2.5 -3 mm thick, with high-resistance riveted and screwed joints. Corner brackets in GALVANIZED STEEL, oven-baked polyester powder paint, standard white color. PLATAFORMA DE SUELOGENERAL STRUCTURE. Cabisuar Prefabricated Modules have a general structure made up of FULLY GALVANIZED and cold-formed profiles, 2 – 2.5 -3 mm thick, with high-resistance riveted and screwed joints. Corner brackets in GALVANIZED STEEL, oven-baked polyester powder paint, standard white color. FLOOR PLATFORM: 22mm WATERPROOF chipboard as standard, variants with NON-SLIP PHENOLIC plywood board or WOOD-CEMENT composite board. Manufacture under standard EN 649 and reaction to fire EN – 13501-1 Class Bfl – S1. HIDRÓFUGO de 22mm como estándar, variantes con tablero contrachapado FENÓLICO ANTIDESLIZANTE o tablero compuesto MADERA-CEMENTO. Fabricación bajo norma EN 649 y reacción al fuego EN – 13501-1 Clase Bfl – S1.

Qualities and finishes


ROOFPlan with resistant perimeter structure in shaped galvanized steel. Front gutters with integrated downspouts in the corner and 75 mm PVC pipe drains. Cover finished in profiled galvanized sheet with slope to front gutters. Interior finish with false ceiling with white pre-lacquered sheet metal trays. LOCKSMITH: The Módulos Prefabricados Cabisuar have different doors, windows and glass, in lacquered aluminum or PVC (according to needs), with a built-in lock. INTERIOR DIVISIONS: Sandwich - type panel similar to the lateral enclosure. Interior doors in aluminum with white lacquered sheet metal. SANITARY AND PLUMBING: Connection and distribution with polypropylene pipe. General drains in rigid PVC pipe. Sanitary Ware SANITARY WHITE COLOR.. ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: Power outlet with external waterproof box and internal general panel with its differentials and automatics for internal distribution at 220 V. All under current regulations in each case or location. HOME AUTOMATION INSTALLATION AND INDIVIDUAL AIR CONDITIONING (according to customer needs).


Cabisuar module structure


1. Floor frame structure. 2. Corner supports . 3. Roof frame structure, built-in gutter 4. 22 mm water-repellent board. 5.Pavimento de suelo, PVC. 6. Galvanized trapezoidal covered sheet metal, 0.6 mm.  7. Insulation fiberglass felt lsover IBR 80 mm with kraft paper 8. False ceiling removable tray type in white pre-lacquered. 9. Integrated downspouts in PVC supports with a diameter of 75 mm. 1O. Microprofiled white-white PUR sandwich enclosure panel, 40 mm thick  11. White lacquered metal door, width 0.95 m.  12. White lacquered aluminum sliding window.  13. Window for toilets of 0.38 x 0.30 m. 14. Hinged window 1 x 0.50 m  14. Abatible window of 1 x 0.50 m

Prefabricated Modular Systems


We have an interesting CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM OF METAL PANELS made with two folded profiles of galvanized steel on the edges joined together with straps to hold the outer sheet metal. The roof panels are supplied with the side panels and are unfolded on site by screwing them at the corners to form a rigid frame-ring; THE UNIT WILL BE AS BIG AS IT IS NEEDED BY ATTACHING ONE RINGS TO OTHERS. The most common export system is carried out in sea containers. The dimensions of the ship rings are adapted to achieve the maximum use of this means of transport. Thus, the amount of four ring units (96.80 m² of warehouse) can be stored in a 40” container.


The standard base module starting dimensions are 5.97 x 2.41 x 2.50. These blocks can be manufactured and shipped as a compact assembled assembly or as a kit for assembly at a job site.

Advantages Modular Construction


But… What are the advantages of modular construction compared to traditional construction? MODULAR CONSTRUCTION is Fast; Mobile (can be moved to another location); Solid, Comfortable, Expandable, Sustainable, Customizable and Industrial. Without a doubt, our modular sports facilities are a great solution for sports clubs, associations and all kinds of entities.



Policies of Quality, Environment, Safety and Health at work


Management CABISUAR, in the activity they carry out of DESIGN, MANUFACTURE, RENTAL AND SALE OF MODULAR BUILDINGS. SALE AND RENT OF CHEMICAL TOILETS. RENTAL OF ENCLOSURE FENCES. ASSEMBLY AND MAINTENANCE OF MODULAR BUILDINGS AND ECO-ROOMS is aware of the need to perform these services in accordance with the needs of our clients, taking into account applicable legal and/or regulatory requirements, combining our activities with respect for our environment and increasing the safety and health in the work environment.
This commitment is reinforced by the implementation of a Quality Management and Environmental Management System in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-EN-ISO 45001 standards, based on the following principles:
Quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management are strategic elements for the operation of the company, being the responsibility of all workers.
There is a strong commitment that our actions and services comply with the established legal requirements, as well as with other requirements to which the organization subscribes.
We are committed to understanding our customers' needs, meeting their requirements, and striving to exceed their expectations. Also to meet the expectations of other stakeholders.
- We are committed to understand Accident detection and prevention mechanismsare established for the immediate application of immediate or corrective actions.
- Our activities and services are aimed at ensuring the prevención de la contaminación and guaranteeing the continuous improvement of our environmental behavior from a life cycle perspective, from commercial management to the management of products at the end of their useful life.
- Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Management System and of customer relations is encouraged through management objectives.
- Our actions prevent occupational risks that can cause harm and deterioration to health using continuous improvement in the management and performance of Occupational Health and Safety..
- Duties and responsibilities of all jobs are effectively assigned.
- The training awareness and participation of our employees is promoted, as well as communications with suppliers and subcontractors.
The Management has established the necessary mechanisms so that this Policy is known, understood, and put into practice by all levels of the Organization and to be known by all the Interested Parties.
September 14, 2018 Management CABISUAR.


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