Today we want to remind you of the Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Policies at work with which our company, Construcciones Modulares CABISUAR, is committed (@cabisuar, #cabisuar).

Construcciones Modulares CABISUAR, in the activity that it develops of Design, Manufacture, Rental and Sale of Modular Constructions, Sale and Rental of Chemical Toilets, Rental of Enclosure Fences, Assembly and Maintenance of Modular Constructions and Eco-WCs, is aware of performing these services of according to the needs of our clients, taking into account the legal requirements and/or applicable regulations, combining our activities with respect for our environment, as well as increasing health and safety in the work environment.

This commitment of Construcciones Modulares CABISUAR is reflected in the implementation of the following FOUR standards or certifications:

1-The ISO 9001 standard on Quality Management that is most widely recognized throughout the world. A management system that helps us continuously manage and control quality in all processes and describes how we can achieve consistent and effective performance and service.

The ISO 9001 standard is a powerful business improvement tool that helps us to become a more consistent competitor in the market, to improve continuously, optimizing operations and reducing costs, to compete in more tenders and obtain more business opportunities. In addition, thanks to the ISO 9001 standard, Construcciones Modulares CABISUAR can satisfy the needs of more clients, we can build a more sustainable business, demonstrate that we have a solid corporate governance, which motivates and increases the level of commitment of our company's personnel through more efficient internal processes. Finally, ISO 9001 enables us to work effectively with stakeholders and their supply chain.

The ISO 14001 standard helps us to manage and identify the environmental risks that may occur within the company while we carry out our work activity. With the identification and management of the risks that we achieve with this standard, we take into account both risk prevention and environmental protection, following the legal regulations and the socioeconomic needs required for compliance.

The implementation of the ISO 14001 standard and an Environmental Management System is a very important value asset for Construcciones Modulares CABISUAR, since it generates trust between our clients and suppliers and, ultimately, in the entire environment that surrounds our company.

The ISO 14001 certification allows Construcciones Modulares CABISUAR to demonstrate the commitment that our company has assumed with the protection of the environment through the management of environmental risks associated with the activity that we carry out. This standard is based on the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle methodology and allows Construcciones Modulares CABISUAR to improve and optimize resources through their rational use and, in this way, reduce the probability that any type of environmental irrigation occurs. Along with this, with the improvement of the efficiency of the processes, the costs associated with poor management are reduced.

3-The ISO 45001 standard is the international standard for the start-up and implementation of occupational health and safety management systems, aimed at protecting the workers and visitors of Construcciones Modulares CABISUAR from occupational accidents and illnesses. This certification was developed to mitigate any factor that may cause harm to employees or the business. And it is the result of the effort of a committee of experts in safety and health at work who sought an approach towards other management systems.

The final objective of ISO 45001 certification is for companies, such as Construcciones Modulares CABISUAR, to provide a safe work environment for all our employees and anyone who is in the workplace. And all this we can achieve it by controlling the factors that can potentially cause injuries or illnesses. As a result, thanks to the ISO 45001 standard, Construcciones Modulares CABISUAR focuses on mitigating any harmful factor or that poses a risk to the physical and/or mental well-being of our workers.

Being an international standard, ISO 45001 goes beyond geographical, political, economic, commercial and social borders, and provides Construcciones Modulares CABISUAR with a single point of reference for managing occupational health and safety.

It includes specific requirements to respond to the specific management of preventive activity. It is a standard that protects the workers of Construcciones Modulares CABISUAR and includes specific concepts such as incident, deterioration of health, danger, damage and accident, among others.

Definitely, the ISO 45001 certification is an international standard that is based on continuous improvement to help reduce risks and enhance the performance of the activity through a safer work environment. Its objective is to support companies such as Cabisuar so that we can offer and build a safe work environment for all our workers.

4-Finally, the UNE-EN 16194 standard applies to toilets not connected to the sanitation network and specifies the requirements related to toilet emptying services and their cleaning, as well as the number of toilets, place and cleaning intervals and pouring of them.

En la certificación UNE-EN 16194 se especifican los requisitos de servicios relacionados con el suministro de las cabinas y los requisitos pertinentes para las cabinas y los productos sanitarios, teniendo en cuenta la higiene, la salud y la seguridad.

In addition, the European standard EN 16194, which was published in 2012, establishes the framework in which these mobile toilets must be used and under what circumstances.

In compliance with the UNE-EN 16194 regulation, the toilets not connected to the sanitation network that Construcciones Modulares CABISUAR sells and rents have, at least, a useful internal surface area of ​​one square meter and a minimum internal height of two meters. Our booths also have an adequate ventilation system and sufficient visibility for the user.

Likewise, the door of these toilets closes automatically and has a system that indicates whether it is free or occupied. Also, in compliance with the UNE-EN 16194 standard, the toilets and cabins that Construcciones Modulares CABISUAR rents and sells have both an internal and external opening (for emergencies) and a lock so that it can be locked from the inside.

The bathrooms also have a toilet paper holder, a form of seat that allows the user to sit in this position, a black water tank with an external outlet and a hanging hook. Optionally, other elements such as a sink, soap dispenser, etc. can be incorporated.

The portable toilets that you can rent and buy from Construcciones Modulares CABISUAR strictly meet all these requirements. So, if you need our services, get in touch with us and we will offer you the best guarantees.